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13/07/2010 09:56
Many thanks to all those that have submitted objections to the council. Upon looking at the council planning website the last date for objections is 29 July 2010. Once again thanks for all your continued support and we will continue to update you with any news that we get.


09/07/2010 16:00
 Roseisle Wind Turbine letter.doc (45 kB)Our working group met again last night to finalise our extensive research and progress in our opposition to the proposed wind turbine development. This note is a summary of where we are now in this phase.Tonight (Friday)  Norman and Sid are meeting...

Some facts about accidents with wind turbines

07/07/2010 16:28
accidents.txt (9,5 kB)

Some facts and figures about the turbine

06/07/2010 17:32
Enclosure%201.1%20Product%20overview.pdf (872,3 kB)


06/07/2010 14:36
Please remember that the closing date for objections to the proposed wind turbine have to be submitted with the planning department by 13 July 2010

Update 05 July 2010

06/07/2010 14:34
  Our representatives, Norman Kebell and Robin Jones attended this evening's Community Council meeting. They provided a full presentation with supporting information to an interested audience. This was followed by a prolonged question & answer session. The Community Council will be...

Briefing for Community Council

05/07/2010 21:23
Roseisle Wind Turbine Briefing.doc (299,5 kB)


03/07/2010 14:10
  As you are probably now aware , the press contacted us yesterday and a story has been printed in the Press & Journal today. Feel free to reply via the P&J letters page or our website! Are there any ornithologists, archeologists, local historians or wildlife enthusiasts in our midst?...

Closing Date for Objections

02/07/2010 18:21
The closing date for objections to this application is 13 July 2010

Closing Date For Objections

02/07/2010 14:50
The closing date for objections against the proposed windturbine have to be lodged with the planning department by 13 July 2010
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